Monday, April 25, 2011

Chicken Macaroni Soup

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. The last few days have been very busy for me. Good thing though is I always take pictures of the food I cook. Last week I cooked chicken macaroni soup twice! This is one of the easiest dish to make and as time goes I must say I have improved my recipe. What's great about this is that I don't have any specific ingredients because I mostly use whatever vegetable I like. You can try it out too and try vegetables that you prefer.

The first thing to do is saute the chicken in garlic and onions. When it gets cook, add the water and let it boil. After it boil you can add your other ingredients such as your milk, cooked macaroni ( I had it boiled before hand so that I wouldn't make my chicken too soft), vegetables such as carrots and green peppers and your Chicken Knorr Cubes or chicken stock flavoring. Season your soup according to your taste and once it boils, add the cabbage or lettuce. This is one thing I add to my chicken macaroni soup that made it different. I add some leafy vegetables in the end like cabbage or lettuce. By doing this, it can add more flavor to your soup. I don't have a specific measurement for my ingredients because I based this on my taste. This is especially true if you cook this soup for a lot of people. I cooked it for 50 people last week! People loved it and I was pleased with the end result that I ate two bowls. LOL.

I hope you like my chicken macaroni soup and remember that you can use any vegetables that you like!

Keep on eating and blogging!!!  

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