Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Last October 22, 2011, I got invited by Enderun for a demo about baking. They were offering a new courses and one of them was a certificate in Pastry Arts. I'm really interested i taking it up so I decided to join the tour and demo.

I was happy that I spent my morning on this school! I learned some new recipes and they made us tour the campus. The campus was really great because it looked like a hotel. I guess they's doing that so that students knows how it would feel working in the real hotel. Anyway, here are the pastries that was baked and we had the chance to taste it all.

Raspberry Financiers

Orange Chiboust Caramel Tarte


French pastries are great! I love them all. I was also happy that I get to share this with my cousin Anne.

If you want to check out other course this school offers check their website http://www.enderunextension.com/

Keep on Eating and Blogging!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Appetite Magazine's Restaurant Festival 2011

Last October 13, 2011, I attended Appetite Magazine's Restaurant Festival. This is probably the BEST food event I have ever attended. Seriously.

I never attended a restaurant festival before and I was surprised how great it was! There were a lot of great food and I was happy I shared them with my fellow food bloggers. We were given a "food passport" where we can get food from participating restaurants.

These are the participating restaurants of the restaurant festival. I was delighted that all of these restaurants did not disappoint me with the great menu they served. Too bad I didn't taste them all. I was too full! But I had great pictures to share. Prepare to be hungry!

I had to edit the pics because I can't decide which one to post!

The event was hosted by the wonderful and energetic Sam Oh. And yeah the guy is staring at her. LOL.

Appetite Magazine's Editor in Chief Nina Daza- Puyat. (Who is super nice by the way.)

That's me, Abigail and Maya. And yes I think we gained 10 pounds from all the food.

So what are the dishes I tasted? Here are pictures of my plates. Yup I only ate 3 plates full of food. I was too full to eat more!

I can't decide which dish is the best because each restaurant has different specialty. All in all I had fun, experience a great meal and I hope this event can happen again next year. By the way, some freebies I got  from the event.

More Lee Kum Kee products! Yay!!!

Well, I hope you like post and visit http://www.appetite.ph/home to learn more about this restaurant festival.

Keep on eating and blogging!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lee Kum Kee Sauce for Tomato Garlic Prawns

Today, I tried one of the freebies I got from the Lee Kum Kee event I attended last Sunday.

It was the Sauce for Tomato Garlic Prawns. We had it for dinner and it was okay.

The first thing you need to do is to fry the 250 gms. prawns (I used shrimp because that's the only thing available in our refrigerator) in 2 tbsp. oil.

Wait for a few minutes until it is completely cooked. Remember not to overcooked your shrimp.

After it is cooked lower the fire, add the sauce and coat it for a few seconds.

The taste was okay. It was a combination of sweet, sour and a little spicy. Everybody ate it so that's good news.

You guys should try this if you want something new for your shrimp.

Keep on eating and blogging!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lee Kum Kee Cook with the Masters

Last October 9, 2011, I got invited to Lee Kum Kee Cook with the Masters. The event was hosted by Issa Litton (who is more beautiful in person, seriously, no wonder she's a model!). The event featured one of my favorite chef, Chef Bruce Lim. Actually, I only went to this event because I learned he was going to cook and I'm glad that I did because it was fantastic! I was closed to the stage and I could smell the wonderful things they were cooking. 
I was late though, it rained really hard but I'm glad I came to this event. It was great meeting fellow bloggers and learning more especially with Lee Kum Kee (I didn't know they invented oyster soy sauce!). I can't believe they are celebrating 123 years this year! 

I'm very familiar with this brand since we always use it. My favorite is the sesame oil. I always use it for my Asian salad because it can give an extra great flavor to it. 
The event was consists of cooking demos and they also have some booths where you can learn about Lee Kum Kee and taste the products. They had cooking demos with celebrities. I had to chance to see Phoemela Barranda (who is super nice and super tall!), Baron Geisler, Desiree del Valle, Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nocino, Steven Silva and Djanine Cruz cook for the audience. 

I also love the fact that they gave out some recipe booklet feautring famous chefs' recipes to it. I cannot wait to try it out! The other chefs part of this event are Sandy Daza (another personal favorite!), Eugene Raymundo, Sau Del Rosario, Him Uy De Baron, and Ernest Reynoso Gala.

I didn't went home empty handed because they gave me some Lee Kum Kee products which made me and my mother very happy! 

I had a blast and I'm happy with this great experience! Once again I had another pic with one of my favorite chef. 

Keep on eating and blogging!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paul Calvin's Deli

Me and my friend love buying groupon vouchers from restaurants. You can save a lot of money from it.

This is why we went to Paul Calvin's Deli for lunch. We were kinda late but it was okay since there was barely any people during lunch time. Here are some dishes we tried.

The salad was okay. Your typical salad.

I love this soup! I forgot the name though. (I should write it down next time.) It was tomato something... LOL...

The pasta was okay. Not much to say since this happened a few months ago. Which means it wasn't the memorable to me.

I love the cake though! It was the right type of sweetness for me...

Overall, I had an okay experience at this restaurant.... Paul Calvin's Deli is in Serendra.

Keep on eating and blogging!!!


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