Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I always crave for a certain food once in awhile, especially if I haven't tasted it for a long time and I know a lot of foodies out there are the same. That's why when I craved for Mexican food, I went to Mexicali in SM Megamall. And I must say I wasn't disappointed on this food craving!

The first thing I notice about this restaurant is the cute exterior they have. I had fun taking pictures of their restaurant. The designs are simple but very eye catching. It made you feel like you're in Mexico!

The wash basin was really cool.

I ordered the Chicken Enchilada. I like that the Mexican rice really complemented the enchilada. It wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be but it was good and I was full with this just one meal.

My sister ordered the Beef Burrito and when I tasted it, it was good! Now I'm craving for one. LOL.

Now I want Mexican food. I'm going to this restaurant again and taste the other food in their menu. I'm sure I won't be disappointed because I was already pleased with these food.

Keep on Eating and Blogging!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sentro 1771

Last November 11, 2011 (that's 11/11/11), I got invited into a event. is a great website for any foodie out there. They have restaurant reviews, recipes, contests, food events and food related articles. My kind of website. You can be a member of this website and post your reviews about restaurants here in the Philippines.

The event was held in Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3. It was a great meeting other OpenRicers and fellow food bloggers. We had fun and it was nice talking to some people who has the same interest with me. Which is food! Here are some few dishes we ate at that resto.

Fresh Smoked Fish Spring Rolls. This dish reminds me with the Bangus filled with tomatoes and onions we grilled here at home. So this was a surprised to me because they made it into a spring roll which is very great for appetizers. Very healthy too!

Sizzling Tofu. Whoever invented this dish is a genius. I don't like tofu so much because I think it is a bland ingredient. But this dish made it taste like sisig (which is very tasty) but at the same time without the cholesterol of the pork's skin that a normal sisig dish have. It was tasty and what a sisig should taste like. I am recommending this restaurant because of this dish alone. My favorite dish in this restaurant!

Fried Kesong Puti. Another surprise dish that impress me. This dish is simple and tasty. You can enjoy the simplicity of the cheese and the sauces added a certain taste that is enjoyable as well. Another great appetizer.

Bangus and Eggplant Torta. It's okay. Tortang talong (eggplant) is a staple dish here in the Philippines so it was nice that they changed it up and add Bangus to it. 

Garlicky Adobo. This is their own version of an Adobo dish. I like it because it has a subtle taste of vinegar and soy sauce. it also have a certain taste that I can't pinpoint though but it tasted really great.

Sentro's Bagoong Rice. This dish is enough as it is. A great breakfast to eat because of the meat and sausages it have. I like it! 

Sinigang na Corned Beef. This is the best seller of this restaurant and I can tell why. Their version of sinigang has a sour and tasty broth that can warm up anyone and a great tasting corned bees in it. We asked the manager on what brand of corned beef they used for this dish because it tasted great. We were surprised to learned that it's their own beef and they cured it on their own! No wonder we never tasted like this before. It is great when restaurants have a signature dish that can really surprise you.

Crispy Pork Ribs. I love meat and I love this dish. Really good dish for grilled pork.

Rated GG. GG is galunggong. This type of fish is one of the most common type of fish here and it was nice that they cooked it differently. I love how it can be spicy.

As for their drinks, I really recommend their gulaman. They're really good and very refreshing.

I had a great time at this event and I was so happy that I found a great restaurant like Sentro 1771. The dishes are FIlipino with a modern twist to it. I recommend this for people who wants something different with Filipino dishes. 

I'm also happy that I met new people that has the same interest with me. I'm looking forward to another OpenRice event.

By the way we took a picture of their bathroom because it looked so cool. It was nice to see that their restaurant also made an effort to make their bathroom stylish.

You can check their website here and OpenRice as well

Keep on Eating and Blogging!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Soyami Soya Chips

One of the problem that I usually have is finding the right snack that not only can satisfy my hunger but can be healthy as well. There are so many junk foods in the market today that it can only give you a temporary satisfaction. Have you notice that you might feel bloated or that your tummy hurts after eating these unhealthy snacks? This is why it is quite refreshing to find a snack that can be healthy and delicious at the same time.

Being a food blogger and food enthusiast, I am always for a look out for something healthy yet can satisfy my craving for a good snack. This is one tasks that is hard to do because most snacks available are full of preservatives. They might taste good but they are not healthy for you. Like wise more healthy snacks are bland when it comes to its taste.

Good thing I found Soyami Soya Chips. This snack is delicious and healthy. That's because this snack is made with real soya, no MSG, high in protein and calcium and 0% transfat. It has three flavors Original, Pizza and White Cheddar. What more can you ask for with this great snack? This is what I'm really looking for and I'm glad this snack can satisfy my hunger, please my palette and is good for me.

This is why you should try this snack! It's great for you and taste to good!

TO know more about Soyami Soya Chips, visit their facebook and follow their twitter!/healthysoyami

Keep on eating and blogging!!!


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