Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Gourmet Academy 1st Cooking Session

I have attended an 8 session on Fundamental of Culinary Arts. And this is probably one of the best culinary experience I have ever done.


By taking this class, I finally confirmed to myself that I want to have a career in the culinary world. This is where I belong and I feel really happy with this experience. 

So when my friend Marie told me there was a voucher where I can have a big discount for this class, I took it right away even if it was my only savings during that time. I never regret it though because the lessons and the experience I got from these classes are priceless.

When I arrived at Capitol Green Street where the school was located, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I don't know what to expect from this class. I felt it was like the first day of school (except you get to eat a lot.)

Our chef is Chef Mats Loo. He was really nice and easy going. He explained the lessons well and he was really hands on when we were on the kitchen. (He's really funny too and yeah this guy can eat a LOT, hehehehehehe). And yeah, he's a world class chef, I only found out about that later when I got home and I googled him. 

On the first session he explained about food safety, basic knife skills, different knife cuts and different kinds of stocks. This was really useful for me especially with the knife skills. Now I know how chef cut their ingredients so effectively! 

These are the following dishes we cooked that night.

Fish and Shellfish Soup with Saffron and Tomatoes. This was really good but it made me full right away. Perfect food for a rainy day and yeah being Filipino I wished we had rice that night! LOL

Caramelized Walnuts and Blue Cheese Salad. I'm not a salad person but this really surprised me! It was yummy! The blue cheese and dressing really went well together. 

Chocolate Mousse. I love this so much that I asked my seatmate if I can eat hers. She said yes. Yay for me! 

That's me and my group. We were really serious!

My first time on this class was really great. The food was great although we were quiet when eating. I guess it was because we don't know each other yet. But of course that would change after a few sessions.

Yeah, of us are eating quietly and of course this would change after a few session.

This is the panoramic view of the kitchen. It was really clean and organized. I love it! 

It was a great first day class and when I went home I talked nonstop about it. Well I'll blog more in the next few days...

Keep on eating and blogging!!!

By the way, This is the website of First Gourmet Academy. Check it out! http://firstgourmetacademy.com/home.html 

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