Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lee Kum Kee Cook with the Masters

Last October 9, 2011, I got invited to Lee Kum Kee Cook with the Masters. The event was hosted by Issa Litton (who is more beautiful in person, seriously, no wonder she's a model!). The event featured one of my favorite chef, Chef Bruce Lim. Actually, I only went to this event because I learned he was going to cook and I'm glad that I did because it was fantastic! I was closed to the stage and I could smell the wonderful things they were cooking. 
I was late though, it rained really hard but I'm glad I came to this event. It was great meeting fellow bloggers and learning more especially with Lee Kum Kee (I didn't know they invented oyster soy sauce!). I can't believe they are celebrating 123 years this year! 

I'm very familiar with this brand since we always use it. My favorite is the sesame oil. I always use it for my Asian salad because it can give an extra great flavor to it. 
The event was consists of cooking demos and they also have some booths where you can learn about Lee Kum Kee and taste the products. They had cooking demos with celebrities. I had to chance to see Phoemela Barranda (who is super nice and super tall!), Baron Geisler, Desiree del Valle, Enzo Pineda, Rocco Nocino, Steven Silva and Djanine Cruz cook for the audience. 

I also love the fact that they gave out some recipe booklet feautring famous chefs' recipes to it. I cannot wait to try it out! The other chefs part of this event are Sandy Daza (another personal favorite!), Eugene Raymundo, Sau Del Rosario, Him Uy De Baron, and Ernest Reynoso Gala.

I didn't went home empty handed because they gave me some Lee Kum Kee products which made me and my mother very happy! 

I had a blast and I'm happy with this great experience! Once again I had another pic with one of my favorite chef. 

Keep on eating and blogging!!!


  1. Looks like a great event Phoebe! Glad to know you had fun! Hope to see you again! :)

  2. Hi beautiful gellie! uu nga sana magkita tayu ulit. next event naman!

  3. Hi! Where did you get a soft copy of your photobooth picture? I lost my printed copy. :(

  4. siren: sa mismong event. pinaprint ko kaagad. sorry to hear that you lost your copy.. :-(



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