Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tonkatsu Tei Japanese/Filipino Food Grill Restaurant

Last night, we went to my mother's friend newly opened restaurant. It was her second branch that is in Caloocan. The first branch is here in Fairview Quezon City. I must say I had fun singing karaoke and eating their japanese/filipino cuisine. It wasn't fancy or anything. Just good food.

We had different dishes and I forgot to take pictures of some of those dishes. I was so hungry that I just ate. LOL. Good thing I did took some pictures of my favorites. The food above are Pork Tonkatsu and Miso Beef. I really love the Miso Beef because the meat was so tender and the sauce is divine. It was so good that we ordered another one!
And of course, I wouldn't forget ordering California Maki. Calirfornia Maki is my favorite. I admit this wasn't the best that I tasted but it was still good. They have different kinds of sushi and sashimi in their menu but we only ordered California Maki. We ordered extra and I ate them for breakfast this morning. heheheheehhe

I also love their Kani Salad. I guess it's because of the Japanese Mayo that they used. I can't get enough of it because the sweetness of Mango and the taste of the dressing really goes well together. I guess that's the secret of Japanese Mayo, it can go well in any vegetable!
I must say that the star of the night was the drink called Mindoro Sling. This was the first time I tasted this drink and I absolutely love it! I asked the waiter what's made of and he said it was mango juice and Tanduay rhum. Although my friend said it was more. I got a little tipsy after drinking this. I don't know how many glasses I had because it was so good I keep drinking. LOL. This drink is great for people who doesn't like alcohol but wants to get drunk. You can hardly taste the alcohol at all!

Overall, I had a great time. We sang karaoke (they have a stage and I sang! LOL) and went home afterwards. Good food plus good company makes me happy. (^_^)

Keep on eating and blogging!!!


  1. Hmmmmmm, P is cooking Rendang Beef while I read this,that my tummy literally groaned and I could not help salivate. lol

    Wonderful appetizer blog before our dinner! :)

    What I love about your blogging, which I am lucky to follow for 5 years now, is that your personality always shines through.

    ~ Joanna

    Thanks for sharing your fun evening! Hopefully we can get to visit the restaurant in the future when we have a balikbayan vacation. I'll even sing Dancing Queen on stage. hahaha

  2. ok, now I'm hungry. :^)



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