Saturday, April 16, 2011

Le Bistro Vert

Yesterday I had lunch with my cousin Raquel in Le Bistro Vert. It was funny on my way there I have to run because I only have 30 minutes reservation. And I don't want to waste my voucher from this place. Anyway, I made it on time (2 minutes left actually) and I waited for my cousin. I was really having a hard time placing my order because all the food in the menu was so good!
When my cousin arrived we placed our order and while we waited they gave us some free sweet potato chips.

It was yummy and we were surprised that they keep refilling it! I think me and my cousin had 3 bowls... Well it's free! LOL

I ordered braised short ribs (simmered in dry white wine, soft potato mash, sauteed mushrooms). This is probably the most tender meat I have ever tasted. Seriously it can melt in my mouth. It can kinda tasted like beef caldereta (a filipino dish where there is tomato sauce, vegetable and meat) except it has a more richer flavor. The mash potato complemented it well. I wish ordered rice though! LOL

Raquel ordered Apahap fillet, Buro Mustasa (Citrus soy dressing. brown rice pillaf). I really wished I ordered this! Even though I enjoyed my beef, this fish really surprised me! The tangy taste from the sauce really compliments the fish and it really goes well with the rice. Plus it has a hint of something spicy. I love it! I took two bites from it. Hehehehehhehe.
  For our drinks I ordered watermelon and green mango shake. Which surprisingly goes well together. It has more watermelon to it so it is sweet but has a touch of sour from the green mango. I find it quite refresing and goes well with my dish.

My cousin had Tofu and Lychee shake. It tasted great and refreshing as well. I love lychee. It is one tropical fruit here in the Philippines that I really love because of its unique taste. Yummy drink!

For dessert me and Raquel decided to share a piece of cake. And we both chose...

Varlhona Sans Rival! Holy Sh#$@t I love this cake!!! I feel like I was eating a candy bar because it has so many layers of different food. It has nuts, caramel, chocolate. And since me and Raquel are sharing it and talking, we were eating it really slowly and I was savoring each bite. 

I really had fun spending lunch with Raquel. She's one of those people that I can share my problems with because even though we have an opposite insight about a certain subject, it was nice that we can talk about it and not argue. Plus she's into this healthy living kind of phase in food so Le Bistro Vert was the best place for us to eat. 

The restaurant offers the freshest ingredients and what's great about this place is that they have sustainable food menu which means that earth-friendly initiatives and help sustain local farmers. You can be sure that they have the freshest ingredients. Plus, the waiters and people working in this place is super friendly. 

I would really love to go back to this place. I want to try some of the dishes in the menu! Okay, I'm getting hungry again... LOL

Happy eating and blogging!!!

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