Monday, April 4, 2011

Jollibee's 1 pc. Chickenjoy with Spaghetti plus Watermelon Float

I was feeling a little down today. Despite the happiness I felt from launching this blog, there are a lot of negative emotions inside me right now. I guess that's what happen when you get your heart broken for a million times. And so today I didn't have the energy to write, even for work! Around 4 pm I got hungry and I was craving for a spaghetti.
To be specific a Jollibee Spaghetti.
All the Filipinos around the world are very familiar with this brand.
After all, this is one of most successful food franchise here in the Philippines.
I was having doubts about eating this because I don't want to get out of bed. I don't even want to have them deliver!
But after reading Joanna's message that lifted my spirit, I took it as a sign.
And so I went to Jollibee.
I ordered the 1 pc. Chickenjoy with Spaghetti plus the new Watermelon Float they have.
Jollibee's spaghetti is different from other fast food restaurants because they made it sweeter to better suit the Filipino pallet. Filipinos love their spaghetti sweet and with hotdogs and that's what they did with their spaghetti. The chicken was okay but I really love the Watermelon float more.
I felt better after eating there and went home directly.
I feel like my stomach was fuller but I feel lighter.
There is still a hint of sadness but I felt better.
I guess that's what happen when you eat something like this type of spaghetti.
I mean it wasn't the most delicious or unique spaghetti there is but it reminds me of my childhood.
Just ask any kid out there and they surely know what Jollibee is.

Simple... Tasty... Comfort Food...


  1. Just like a bar of cloud 9, jollibee's spaghetti really takes me back to my childhood days--back when we were kids and there was still no The Old Spaghetti House or Sbarro or Napoli's. Basta spaghetti, Jollibee. :)

  2. I miss Jollibee! How awesome is the name, isn't it? It conjures a happy image of a busy happy bee, working on burgers!lol

    This blog is a wonderful example of how a passion drives one to take life one day at a time (or one restaurant visit at a time!:)), during a difficult period.

    Perhaps you can make a series out of it - comfort food. Not that I want you to stay at a difficult period! Only another idea to distract your focus even for a while.

    Keep bringing us to yummylicious places of our youth, Phoebe. :)


    My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands

  3. Thanks for sharing one of the places you like to eat, Phoebe. It's always interesting to see how other cultures approach a particular dish, like spaghetti.



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