Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pepper Lunch

Yesterday, me and friends went to Greenbelt Malls for a nice girl's day out. We had lunch at a restaurant called Pepper Lunch. This was my first time eating at this place and it was a great experience for me! Not only that I had some great girl talk with my friends but the way you eat at this restaurant is a unique experience. You are the one cooking your own food!

What happens is that when you you order your meal, they put it in this very hot and sizzling pot where the meat are raw and the vegetables are half cooked. You have to turn the meat over and mix the vegetables to cook it. It is a fun activity to do and I must say that food was really good! That's me on the pic by the way cooking my meal. (Gosh I really need to comb my hair more). LOL.

This was my order. It is called Hito Kuchi Cut Steak. As you can see the food is steaming when I turn it over. Their pepper rice is yummy as well. The sauce was tasty because it was a combination of the sweetness and nutty taste of the sesame seeds and the salty taste of the soy sauce. I love dipping my meat and vegetables in it!

This is my friend Marie's order. It is called Combo Cut Steak and Hamburger.

This is my friend Jennifer's order. It's called Chicken Pepper Rice.

I really enjoy eating at this restaurant and I'm planning to go back next time. I'll try their other dishes. You can visit their site at to know more about this restaurant.

Good food + great company = fun time!


  1. the owner is one of my fave bloggers. check out her website at.

    also, good job phebs! nami sang blog mo ah, kagutom. hehe! padayon!

    -- charisse

  2. Ng charisse! thanks for visiting my blog! oh I love that site. thanks!

    Hehehheheh sige lantaw lang blog ko para puli ka di kaun ta!



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