Friday, August 19, 2011

First Gourmet Academy 3rd Cooking Session

This is the our 3rd cooking session and by this time me and my cooking classmates are getting better now. I think we are faster and more efficient in the kitchen.

At this session we learned about dry heat cooking method like frying, roasting, sauteing, broiling, grilling and deep frying. I learned a lot from this cooking session like the proper way to saute mushrooms and how to deep fry properly. This is one advantage with cooking class, you'll learn the right way to cook and you'll realize that you are actually making some mistakes. You get corrected and you become a better cook. Anyway, here are some more pics.


This is my group of the day. Yeah we're the wacky ones...

Corn Chowder. Not a big fan of this though. I like the clam chowder better...

Breaded Pork Loin with Salami and Mozzarella served with Mushrooms. One of my favorite dish! I love the pork loin and potatoes on this one and it was really cool that part of our cooking class, chef Mats also teaches us how to plate our food. I feel like I'm in a restaurant eating this.

Strawberries in Red Wine and Frozen Yogurt. Okay whoever thought of placing strawberries with red wine is a genius. I love this dessert! This is especially great for people who doesn't like sweets. The yogurt and the strawberry really goes well together.

Panoramic view of the room and as you can see we are all more comfortable with each other.

I hope you guys like my post.

Keen on eating and blogging!!!

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