Monday, September 19, 2011

First Gourmet Academy 8th Cooking Session

The last cooking session is probably the most memorable and enjoyable for me. I guess by this time I still can't believe I enjoyed so much in cooking class and because of this class it has confirmed for me that I do want to be a chef. In the past I always have doubts and have low self esteem about this. I was always worried that I may not be good enough for this or that I will fail having a culinary career. But how can you feel like that when you are doing something you love? I was having some personal problems during my cooking sessions but I always forget about my problems and I felt a lot better every Thursday night in cooking class. I always look forward for it and I feel like it saved me from being depress. When you do something you love and you feel like you are meant to do it, those problems don't matter anymore. You feel something that most people haven't' experienced yet. It's called bliss....

For this last session we made some European cuisine and I enjoyed it. There were new dishes that I tasted and that really surprised.

Herb Meatball with Mushroom Risotto and Tomato Sauce. This is my favorite dish in cooking class. This is also the first time I ever tasted risotto and how to cook it. I always read about how it tastes but never have the chance to do it because it is not a common ingredient here in the Philippines. I liked it. It does taste like rice although it was more creamier. It was hard cooking it though because I have to stir it constantly and pour a ladle of stock one by one. It was worth it thought because I love how it turns out. And I love meatballs and anything that has tomato sauce in it! This is one of the most memorable dish I cooked at this cooking class.

Leek and Potato soup. Okay, I have to admit. I forgot how this taste like so that means it wasn't memorable and it was probably a blah for me. It was an okay dish.

Vanilla Pudding with Mango. I love this! Who hates pudding???? Seriously who ever hates vanilla pudding???? No one!!!! The mangoes are a great touch for it though.

When you want something but afraid to do it, you should try it out first. That way you'll know if it is for you or not. This is why I took up this cooking class because I want to experience working in a kitchen. And so far it has awaken my dream and pushed me to go after it. I am forever grateful for this and I know this is a step in my goal in life.

I hope you guys enjoy my posts about First Gourmet Academy and I highly recommend to people to try out this school. You can learn a lot and have fun along the way. I am happy that I met my cooking classmate and had the experience cooking with Chef Mats Loo. I really learned a lot.

Keep on eating and blogging!!! 

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