Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Gourmet Academy 6th Cooking Session

In this cooking session, we learned about cooking Asian cuisine. This is something I am very familiar with being asian and all but I must say I learn some new things. Like the different way Chef Mats cooked rice. He puts salt on it! It was different and yeah I can eat it but I prefer my old way of cooking rice. I also had fun with my cooking classmates. Cooking is something to you can enjoy, and I'm glad that my cooking classmates here are really fun and great.

These are the following dishes that we cooked...

Chicken Curry in Peanut Sauce. This was not your typical chicken curry that we cooked at home. It actually tasted more like kare-kare because it has peanuts on it. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. I think we overcooked the chicken and the sauce was a little off (don't blame us amateur cooks! LOL).

Beef Teriyaki. I actually like this version of Beef Teriyaki. My mother often buy the bottled version of the sauce so it was great that we made this Beef Teriyake from scratch. This is perfect with the rice we made.

Green Papaya Salad. This one was a big surprise to me because I really like it. I thought it would taste like atsara but it was different. And this one tasted better because we left it inside the refrigerator.

Sweet Potato Soup. Your typical soup. Perfect with crackers.

Overall we had an okay class. I actually liked the conversations we are having during this time because me and cooking classmates are closer than before. They really are a bunch of great people.

Well, I hope you like this post!

Keep on eating and blogging!!!

By the way, yes I brought the leftovers home. No wasted food here! LOL

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