Saturday, June 18, 2011


Last April, me and my friend made a big bath of Menudo for a funeral. It wasn't my recipe so I don't have any recipe to post here. It was really tiring to make a really big batch of food but I guess  better get used to it if I want to work in a restaurant. It was good though and good thing our ratio of meat per vegetable was equal so everybody loved it. Here are some pics of the Menudo we cooked.
My friend stirring the Menudo and yeah that's a large pan... LOL

What we did afterwards was put the Menudo in these Styrofoam containers. 50 of them to be exact and there's a lot of Menudo left! So we ate it for lunch. 

It was really tiring yet fun cooking these large quantity of food. If anyone offered me to do the catering for them, I might give it a try! (^_^) 

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  1. I LOVE MENUDO! With Trype, some people make it with pork or beef but it is best with trype yummo!



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