Thursday, July 28, 2011

Deco's Lapaz Batchoy

I was in Iloilo last May and I told myself that I will not go home until I eat the original Lapaz Batchoy in Iloilo. Being born and raise in Iloilo, I know what a good batchoy taste like. Unfortunately, the batchoys here in Manila SUCKS. I'm not kidding. Eventhough they have a franchise from Iloilo, nothing can beat the original batchoy in Iloilo. Perhaps it's because the way the Illongos cook the broth or the ingredients are more fresh. Im not really sure why, but all I know is that the best batchoys are in Iloilo. I'm just salivating looking at this picture. Gosh, I miss going my hometown and the food there. 

Batchoy is not complete without the puto. I swear it tastes better when I eat it with puto. 

My favorite branch of Decos is in front of SM Delgado. The batchoy served their is much better than any branch they have. I know some people would disagree with me saying that they all taste the same. But only a true born Ilonggo can distinguish the different taste. By the way here's their website

Anyway, I hope you like my post and I hope it made you hungry!

Keep on eating and blogging!!!

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